BREAKING: New Diagnosis Reveals Biden Is At The End – America Stunned…

It’s been a long known truth that President Joe Biden is a terrible President, but now polling results are nailing him, proving that he has got to go.

“Seventy-four percent of voters believe President Joe Biden’s America is on the wrong track,” a Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed.

Americans have become increasingly negative about Biden’s America.

In January, 32 percent said the nation was on the right track, while sixty-eight percent said it was on the wrong track.

The number of voters saying America is on the wrong track has now grown from that sixty-eight percent to seventy-four percent.

Biden recently defended the massive price increases for Americans. “I don’t want to hear anymore of these lies about reckless spending,” he said angrily.

“We’re changing people’s lives!” he added.

Americans have had enough and President sleepy, creepy Joe can’t get out of the way soon enough.

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