BREAKING: New Count Reveals Biden Loss In 46 States – Nation Reeling…

Eight percent.

Just eight percent.

That’s how many states in America approve of the job Joe Biden is doing.

That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong, and it isn’t a typo.

Joe Biden has a positive approval rating in just FOUR states. That means there are 46 of him that he’s failing in.

Even California, which wholeheartedly supported Dirty Joe in 2020, currently gives Joe a failing rating.

Delaware, despite being Joe’s home state, doesn’t like Biden either. He’s losing there 40% approve to 50% disapprove.

Here’s the embarrassing list of states with people silly enough to believe in Joe Biden:

Hawaii – 49% approve, 41% disapprove
Maryland – 46% approve, 42% disapprove
Massachusetts – 46% approve, 42% disapprove
Vermont – 51% approve, 37% disapprove

I do apologize if you live in any of the states above. The silver lining is though is that you could pick any of the other 49 states in the union to move to and 46 of them will be an improvement!

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