BREAKING: New Count Puts Terror In Biden’s Future – Joe Is Done

Biden’s low poll numbers correspond to every single issue that Americans care most about.

ABC News/IPSOS discovered that Americans care about the following issues most, and Biden’s low ratings on them:

  1. Economy 37 percent
  2. Inflation 28 percent
  3. Gas prices 27 percent
  4. Gun violence 37 percent
  5. Abortion 41 percent
  6. Crime 38 percent
  7. Immigration 37 percent
  8. Global warming 43 percent
  9. Ukrainian war 46 percent
  10. Chinese coronavirus 56 percent

The ratings are not surprising given the 40-year inflation highs, supply chain problems, and record-high gas prices that the country has been going through, not to mention the war between Russia and Ukraine, mass shootings and rising crime rates.

There doesn’t seem to be any way for Biden and the Democrats to salvage the midterms, but anything can still happen in the next four-plus months I guess.

Read the full story here.

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