BREAKING: New Biden Treason Bombshell Forces Demand For Impeachment [Details]

Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt has called for the impeachment of President Biden as the President’s latest move on immigration has threatened the safety of the United States.

The Biden administration recently announced that Title 42, a Trump-era immigration policy, will be rescinded on May 23rd.

During an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Hurt said, “The decision by the administration to lift this Title 42, you talk to Border Patrol agents and they will tell you that they’re expecting a surge at the border this summer that could top 250,000 illegals each month, which would be obviously an historic invasion at the border.”

President Biden has opened the way for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood into the United States, which is an abdication of his duty to protect the nation.

The President has abandoned his duties and it is imperative that Republicans act to remove him from office.

Hurt continued saying, “I think the biggest reason why it’s so important for Republicans to begin talking about this now is they should talk about it before the election. They should make the election about this issue so that when they win in November, they will have a greater mandate, an important mandate.”

Republicans must hold a majority in the legislative branch to remove President Biden, so everything is riding on the midterm elections. If Republicans fail to take power, the American people will have little recourse to stop the invasion of our southern border.

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