BREAKING: New Biden Report Proves He CAN’T Do It – Unable To Finish…

Half of voters in a new survey strongly disapproved of President Joe Biden as they deal with gas prices that have more than doubled since he took office along with 40-year high inflation.

While 50% strongly disapprove, only 17% strongly approve of Biden, giving him a -33 rating.

Breitbart noted as a point of reference that former President Donald Trump only had a -25 or worse rating for one day of his presidency, whereas Biden has had that low a rating for a third of his time in office–which is less than half of a full term.

In the Rassmussen poll, 64% of independent voters disapproved of Biden, up from 59% less than two weeks ago.

Biden’s number seem to keep getting worse even when that doesn’t seem possible.

Read the full story here.


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