BREAKING: New Biden Diagnosis Confirms Rumors – Weakness Is…

Republican Representative Scott Perry blasted President Joe Biden for his weakness and said it is causing a very dangerous situation for America.

“Republican Rep. Scott Perry, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that ‘weakness is provocative,’ warning that President Biden is not equipped to handle the issues at hand during this ‘very dangerous and concerning time,'” reports Fox News.

“On the sidelines of the House Republican Issues Conference, Perry, R-Pa., said that the Biden administration’s response to aggression from Russia, China, Iran and North Korea in the wake of its test of an intercontinental ballistic missile this week, simply is ‘not enough,'” reported Fox News.

“When an adversary senses your weakness, it provokes them and encourages them to see how far they can push it,” Perry said.

“We’re seeing that with the Chinese in Taiwan; we’re seeing that with Iran and the Iran nuclear deal; and we’re seeing it very up close, in front, with Russia and Ukraine,” Perry added.

“Now, we’re seeing it with a nuclear-armed terrorist state of North Korea,” Perry continued.

Perry said that Biden “unfortunately keeps telling the world what we won’t do.”

“Whether it is Russia, whether it is Iran, whether it is North Korea or China, he keeps on telling them what we won’t do,” Perry told Fox News. “So, they’re going to continue to test and it is very dangerous for us.”

“This is a very, very dangerous and concerning time and, unfortunately, our president doesn’t have the judgement or the competence to handle the issues at hand,” Perry concluded.

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