BREAKING: Netanyahu Stuns The World – YES, He Did It

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a clip on Saturday of Mark Levin’s television show in which Levin said that charges against the PM amounted to a “coup attempt” against him.

Levin called Netanyahu the greatest prime minister in Israel’s history and said the charges came from an “unethical” and “feckless” attorney general.

Former prosecutor Arthur Fergenson, now a defense attorney, said that the charges against Netanyahu are full of obfuscating and “enormously verbose” emotional language rather than facts.

The prosecuting attorney general “weaves a fantasy” with a document “designed to smother the public and any one in the press who wants to fairly analyze the charges,” Ferguson went on, adding that the AG reminds him of former U.S. FBI director James Comey.

Netanyahu is accused of accepting illegal gifts from supporters, arranging for press coverage against him to be weakened, and a quid pro quo with a telecommunications company exchanging lax regulations for favorable coverage on a related news site.

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