BREAKING: Netanyahu RESIGNATION Decision – World Shocked

Israel’s Attorney General has ruled that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not required to resign because of accusations of corruption against him.

Israeli law says that others in prominent positions like cabinet ministers must resign if charged with a crime, but does not say the same about the prime minister.

Netanyahu is charged with a number of crimes, including accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in champagne and cigars from billionaire friends, offering to trade favors with a newspaper publisher, and helping a telecom magnate so he could get favorable coverage on a popular news site.

Israel’s centrist Blue and White party is spearheading the efforts against Netanyahu. That party is led by Benny Gantz, an outspoken rival of Netanyahu.

Both Netanyahu and Gantzfailed to secure a parliamentary majority and form a new government in the previous election. If one party can’t get majority support by December 11, another election will have to be held.

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