BREAKING: NBC Admits Bombshell – Joe Biden Is FUMING

President Joe Biden and his team are desperately working to keep America from learning the truth about the terrible tragedy occurring right now at our souther border.

The overwhelming increase in illegal migrants surging into America is unprecedented yet Biden is acting like it is not a crisis.

But even the liberal NBC’s Chuck Todd is not buying it.

“It’s fair to call the deteriorating situation at the U.S.-Mexico border a crisis — even if the Biden administration refuses to use that word,” said Todd. “But it’s more than that: It’s a political crisis for the new president, with no easy way out.”

Whoa. Less than two months into a Biden Presidency and NBC has already been forced to expose the administration for not being honest about immigration facts.

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One Response

  1. The border crisis is a tragedy – all caused by the Biden administration !!! What’s it going to take for these “people” to understand a little common sense goes a long way ??? The border crisis is full blown and the current administration turns their head away from this !!! What is it going to take to get this administration to go with the will of the people and use a little common sense – it’s not that hard to do UNLESS YOU DON’T WANT TO ???

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