BREAKING: National Security Alert – Joe Biden Discovered To Be…

Brian Cates from The Epoch Times said on Monday that the Biden family has been the real national security threat all along, rather than President Donald Trump.

The uproar the media has tried to create around Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia was a smokescreen to hide what the Bidens were doing, Cates said.

“Everything the Trump family was exhaustively investigated for over the past five years for supposedly doing has now boomeranged to land on the Biden family,” Cates declared.

He also said the Trump family was “relentlessly investigated by partisan bloodhounds,” referring to the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation and the subsequent Mueller investigation that found no wrongdoing by Trump or his family.

The laptop Hunter Biden left at a Delaware computer store contains more actual evidence of collusion than Mueller was able to dig up in three years. And Tony Bobulinski’s testimony was also very incriminating.

Read the full story here.

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