BREAKING: National Guard Says NO – Democrats Are Furious

The Biden Administration and Defense Department refuse to let America’s Nation Guard Troops go home despite no articulable threat to the capitol. The tension has continued to mount between the Defense Department and top brass at the National Guard.

According to Breitbart News, The National Guard Association Chairman and Arizona Adjunct General, Major General Michael McGuire, said, “This enduring requirement of having them around the city, I think it’s completely inappropriate at best, illegal at worst.”

A contentious decision by the Defense Department to extend the stay for National Guardsmen by two months was against the objection of McGuire.

“Every American citizen should be concerned that an unelected Cabinet secretary can move forces into the city,” said McGuire. “The National Guard specifically is the last line of defense for direct policing action only in the emergent period when it is life, limb, protection of property.”

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6 Responses

  1. Our national guard needs to be in cities where blm and antifa are destroying our businesses and causing harm to people…not around the white house Congress is scared to death they will be overtaken by a mob again…next time if it happens it will be worse i’m sure the American people are fed up with the Democrats idea of a perfect world..At a time when our rights are being destroyed and no one is following law and the Constitution we are in trouble Thi thing at our border NEEDS to end

  2. It just proves the Democrats only worry about themselves and not the Security of the Nation. They don’t need the National Guard they’re in
    no danger at all. They don’t care about the cities that are rioting, and being
    burned. They ignored cities who asked for the National Guard so that tells us a lot about the Democrats.

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  3. Gee, the senate and house have protection, they do not need the military. But, the National Guard is getting relief on their budget by WH footing the bill. I guess Peluci believed aoc about someone trying to get in to grab her. I guess she thinks they lust after her. I say, and if enough of us say it, maybe they will send the guard home. If they have done no wrongs, then what are they afraid of?

    1. I so totally agree with you. Political shinanigans by the political left are the proof that the left, who was in n the minority stole the election. Their very abuse of power, can stand as evidence that the left is doing everything in their power to take our freedoms away

  4. The NG reports to their respective State governors. Biden has not declared a national emergency – so they are not federalized. Texas NG has been recalled by the governor. I am sorely troubled by the sight of the concertina wire around the Capitol. “A wall for thee but not for me”, I guess. I live in South Texas – my little ranch is ready for the intruders.

  5. TELL NAMCY to let the DNC hire private guards. They are TAXING us ENOUGH. Pay attention JOE, NANCY, the KING of ENGLAND, found out the HARD WAY AMERICANS will take JUST SO MUCH before there is an EXPLOSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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