BREAKING: National Guard Official Reveals Smuggling Bombshell – Nation Stunned

Arizona National Guard Adjutant General Michael McGuire revealed that Cartels are engaged in a “worldwide marketing campaign,” to smuggle people over the southern border.

McGuire said in an interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” that “The reports from the sectors here in Arizona is that we’re seeing a lot of folks crossing illegally. They’re being apprehended. They’re making a claim for asylum as they are crossing. They’re not from Mexico, Central, or South America, but they’re actually from Africa, Asia, and Europe.”

Many sources have sounded the alarm about the potential for human trafficking that an open southern border presents. Those voices were ignored by the Biden administration and we are now seeing the consequences of that.

McGuire continued saying, “So, we assume either flying in or coming in by boat, and then being trafficked by the cartels across the border. Which creates a huge situation as most of them are claiming asylum. [It’s] our assessment that this is a worldwide marketing campaign.”

The crisis on the southern border was completely avoidable had President Biden simply embraced common sense thinking when it came to the border. Instead, he gutted every reform former President Trump made.

Americans who want to know what Joe Biden plans to do about this crisis will have to wait. Biden has been silent and punted the issue to Vice President Kamala Harris who has been missing in action for the better part of two weeks.

Read the full story here.

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4 Responses

  1. Senile pervert Biden and communist Kamala ho are sure wrecking the United States. Both stupid attorneys that failed to uphold our federal immigration laws! They both need to be impeached for their crime to our country. It is a health and safety one!

  2. Biden….the “human trafficking” President, in cahoots with the cartels. What a legacy! Democrat voters, is this what you want?

  3. Don’t Ask Joe Biden!! The Guy You See Here Is Not Joe Biden!! The Real Joe Biden Was Executed @ Guantanamo, Cuba Last Year!! There Have Been A Few Body Doubles Of Him, Starting When He Decided To Run For President!! The Picture I Saw Of Him & His Wife On A Story 2 (beforeitsnews) Hosted By David Zublick!! Anyway, Joe Could Not Put Any Words TogetherWhile The Interview Was Going On!! HE LOOKED BRAIN DEAD!! They Held Him At the Mini White House In Atlanta, Georgia, While Waiting For A Ride To Cuba!! Check It Out Yourselves!!

  4. Yea yea, I’ve been seeing where people have been saying this stuff. Just like it’s happening….ad nauseum.
    If ya can’t show me some kind of proof I’m not believing any of it.
    Either Dance or pay the piper

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