BREAKING: Nation In Shock – Trump Just REPLACED…

President Donald Trump just shocked the nation with a major administration shakeup.

Trump announced that he has chosen Mark Morgan to replace current acting Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement Director Matt Albence. Albence has been the acting ICE director since President Trump canceled the nomination of Ronald Vitiello.

President Trump abruptly withdrew his support for Vitiello’s confirmation as the ICE director in early April, stating that he wanted to take the administration in a “tougher direction.”

The nation has awaited President Trump’s new nomination with bated breath. A former Obama-era border patrol chief, Morgan has been vocal in his support of Trump’s border policy agenda.

President Trump confirmed the rumors via Twitter, adding that “Mark is a true believer and American Patriot.”

This announcement is the latest in an extensive shakeup of the administration’s border officials, as President Trump attempts to combat the ongoing border crisis.

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