BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s WORST Fear Exposed – America Sees The Truth Now…

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her friends that promised to get to the bottom of the January 6 Capital Riot have made zero progress.

Now, America is starting to realize why. Nancy Pelosi would be RUINED if the truth behind January 6 got out. So, in true liberal fashion, she was tabbed to lead the committee that would filter the reasons behind January 6 to America. As long as she’s the mouthpiece, she won’t incriminate herself.

Pelosi won’t even allow a fair and balanced presence in the room, as her squad consists only of liberals or republicans that are anti-Trump. In fact, when Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, and Representative Jim Banks, a Republican from Indiana, were appointed to the committee, they were rejected by Nancy herself.

Now, Jordan is out spreading the word about just how corrupt Pelosi really is. He claims he was kicked off the committee after by Pelosi after Nancy learned he wanted to get to the real truth of the matter.

“I think that’s why we were kicked off because we got — Jim and I were raising that question, and then we found out that, you know, she wasn’t going to let us serve on the committee. First time in American history, frankly, first time this has ever happened. And I think she’s afraid of getting to the truth. Why is it the sergeant of arms — sergeant-at-arms office will not — Nancy Pelosi will not let them release the communications and documents that surround this whole decision? Why is that? They won’t release the information.”

“So, yeah, we got conflicting testimony between the Capitol Hill police who said — the police chief said he requested the National Guard be there on January 6,” Jordan concluded. “Sergeant-at-arms says, no, you didn’t — conflicting testimony. So, one guy says we asked for it. One guy says we did it. The guy who didn’t is the one who answers directly to the speaker’s office, and she — that office will not release the communications between the speaker’s office and the sergeant-at-arms and other communications the sergeant-at-arms have.”

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