BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi’s Secret Plan EXPOSED – This Changes Everything…

Joe Biden and the Democrats pushed hard against Donald Trump in the 2020 election claiming that they would be the party of unity and healing.

But a new report just revealed that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a very different, and very sinister, plan.

Pelosi working hard to “turn her chamber the next two weeks into a factory for Democratic priorities,” according to the stunning report.

Breitbart noted that Pelosi and her ilk are “moving to prioritize radical policy proposals, tackling amnesty, gun control, a $15 minimum wage, and H.R.1, which would ultimately lead to the federalization of elections.”

“They’ll move everything from election reform to a policing overhaul to gun control, plus women’s and union rights and a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers,” said Politco speaking about Pelosi’s agenda.

This a far cry from healing and unity.

To read more about Pelosi’s plan, click here.

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4 Responses

  1. Interesting because the real Pelosi is in prison at GITMO! What everyone is seeing actors with rubber Pelosi face masks. You all think I am crazy or whatever but you will see soon the truth-Trump is the President, Biden (real one executed already-clones/actors you actually see). All of you need to read up on NESARA to get an idea of what is happening/a;ready happened!

    1. Love your post CLB! I agree! It’s so hard to bear the fact that Pelosi is not being punished for our wrong actions such as mistreating Americans and mistreating our President Trump, his friends and his families. Also she does not really realize that she is hurting God and she is hurting her own soul

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