BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Video Surfaces – This Changes Everything

A stunning video of Nancy Pelosi just re-surfaced — this changes everything. She cannot hide from the evidence and now she’s been exposed as a total fraud.

In the video, Pelosi denounces the impeachment inquiry against then-President Bill Clinton, claiming the GOP is “talking about impeachment without even defining what the laws may have been that were broken.”

She went even further by saying that the process is being pursued “without defining if even those laws were broken, if that amounts to an impeachment defense.” This video has not aged well.

It is almost as if Pelosi from the 1990s is arguing against impeaching President Trump, which is ironic. Let’s also keep in mind that Clinton was eventually impeached for lying to Congress under oath.

But Pelosi doesn’t care about fairness or consistency. Politics has always been a partisan game to her — it is about accumulating power and keeping it. Telling the truth is far from her intentions.

However, Senate Republicans led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will soon acquit Trump and this entire impeachment farce will be over. Pelosi and her party should be embarrassed.

See the full story here.

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