BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Tragic Update – She Goes Down…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivered a speech at the funeral for Harry Reid, American lawyer and politician who served as a United States senator from Nevada from 1987 to 2017.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stumbled off the presidential podium during Harry Reid’s funeral service in Las Vegas, nearly taking a header in front of the mourners,” reports

“Pelosi appeared in a long line of leftist luminaries, including Presidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama, to lament the politico once bested by an exercise band,” according to

Pelosi said “God truly blessed America with the life and legacy of Harry Reid. May he rest in peace.”

“Pelosi gathered her mask and began to step away from the podium, apparently not seeing the step down. She nearly tumbled to the floor as her high heels thudded on the stage,” reports


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