BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi TARGETED – She Is Out…

House Democrats in vulnerable districts are now expressing frustration with the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, whose job it is to get them re-elected under what seem to be increasingly difficult circumstances.

“The Democratic organization whose purpose is to help the party keep the House next year is instead hurting their chances of reelection,” one member told Politico Playbook anonymously. “It’s a real F***ing problem.”

Some of the candidates have a problem with the committee constantly attacking Former President Donald Trump and Republicans instead of addressing the economy and pocketbook issues.

“This is crazy to me that the DCCC is rolling out a playbook that they know doesn’t work and that they encouraged people in 2018 not to use,” the member said.

And the committee chair, Rep. Sean Partick Maloney (D-NY), seems more concerned about getting positive press for himself and the committee than the candidates he’s supposed to be helping.

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