BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi SURRENDERS – She’s Too Weak To…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just completely surrendered. She is much too weak, and it is going to haunt the Democratic Party all the way to the ballot box in November.

“To have the Speaker of the House tacitly affirm the rule of the mob is unconscionable,” said Vice President Mike Pence, who rightly accused Pelosi of “surrender” for capitulating to rioters in the streets.

Pence was responding to a comment by Pelosi that should be played on Trump campaign ads repeatedly. When asked about a Christopher Columbus statue being destroyed, she made a shocking admission.

“Shouldn’t that be done by a commission or the city council, not a mob in the middle of the night throwing it into a harbor?” asked a reporter. “People will do what they do,” Pelosi responded.

There you have it, folks. Pelosi has directly encouraged property destruction and lawlessness — the calling cards of Antifa and BLM. She is going to have a rude awakening soon.

As Pence said, “We’re going to continue to stand strong for the rule of law against the rule of the mob.” This is exactly what most Americans want and it’s why Trump will be re-elected in a few short months.

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