BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi STABBED In The Back – Congress In Chaos…

Nancy Pelosi had the gall to ask American athletes competing in the Beijing Olympics to not speak about Chinese human rights abuses.

The Reverend Al Sharpton, a regular supporter of Speaker Pelosi, criticized Pelosi’s keep quiet warning calling it “very brutal behavior.”

Pelosi said that the United States olympic athletes should “not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government.”

“I respectfully disagree with the speaker here, and I usually am supportive of her, because you cannot normalize what they’re doing in China,” Sharpton said, in the MSNBC interview where the reverend made several comments that likely felt like a stab in the back to Pelosi.

“To go there and act like all is well is to normalize some very brutal behavior,” Sharpton hammered.

“We need to let China know, ‘You live in a world that human rights is non-negotiable,'” said Sharpton.

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