BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi SLAMMED By McCarthy – Congress Shocked

Kevin McCarthy dropped the hammer on Nancy Pelosi while she traveled to Europe.

Per a Breitbart News report, the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy “slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for violating long-standing institutional norms of the U.S. House of Representatives, including proxy voting, fining members and committee selection.”

“[A] big problem that we have is what Nancy Pelosi has done in Congress,” said McCarthy during a recent interview. “She’s desecrated this institution because now she’s made it almost impossible for the minority to get documents from the Biden administration, so we can hold them accountable, not just on this, but on Afghanistan as well. She now has proxy voting, where there are Democrats that have not shown up for work for months, but they still get their paycheck. She now fines members up to $5,000 if they just walk through the wrong door going to the chambers. She selects who can be on committee — never before in a Congress.”

McCarthy went on to call Pelosi a “lame-duck speaker:”

She denied the minority the ability to even offer an amendment, something that — hasn’t done in the history of Congress. But, now, why does she do that? She’s a lame-duck speaker. She’s on a farewell tour. Where was she last month when the Democrats were working on reconciliation? The U.K. Where is she today? She’s back in Europe while they’re supposed to be concerned about the debt ceiling. She’s on her farewell tour. And that’s why in the reconciliation bill, she put $200 million from our hardworking taxpayers for a park in her district.

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