BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Shocks Nation With Dangerous Move – America Stunned…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is arguing that an overturn of Roe v. Wade would be a “severe danger to the Constitution of the United States.”

Pelosi said, “We have to have clarity in what this draft decision means so that the final decision doesn’t go that far. The chief justice has said this is authentic, but it is not final. I don’t want to use the word authentic. It’s real but not final.”

“Again, Lincoln said public sentiment is everything, and with it, you can accomplish almost anything, and without it, nothing. Women just have to weigh in. I don’t think there’s a good outcome here, but I think there’s a better outcome than what we have seen in the first draft, which is radical,” Pelosi said.

Yes, she called it “radical.” Hard eye roll.

“It dispenses with precedent even though some of these candidates for when they were candidates for confirmation said they support it as what you’ve seen over and over and they support the precedent and what it means especially the precedent that has repeatedly been reinforced,” Pelosi added.

Democrats love to make broad fundamental changes to the fabric of American democracy when it furthers their agenda. For instance, they want to defund the police (never done before), open the border (never done before), forgive student debt (never done before). However, when a change to Roe v. Wade (never done before) is saving millions of innocent babies, Pelosi and her ilk can’t get on board and they call it “radical.”

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