BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi ORDERED To Give Up – America Shocked

House Republicans demanded on Friday that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) allow investigation into the theory that the coronavirus may have come from a Wuhan lab.

209 of the 211 Republicans in the House sent a letter to Pelosi noting “mounting evidence the pandemic started in the Chinese lab, and the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] is responsible for the deaths of almost 600,000 Americans and millions more worldwide.”

“This investigation is more urgent now considering the recent report that, according to U.S. intelligence sources, three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) became ill and sought hospital care in November of 2019,” the letter continued, “a full month before the CCP publicly reported any COVID-19 cases.”

Steve Scalise tweeted support for the investigation, saying, “Dems haven’t held a hearing on it. Big Tech censored posts about it. The media attacked people who talked about it. China can’t get away with this. Americans deserve answers.”

Republicans are also launching an investigation into the U.S. funding grant for the Wuhan lab where the virus may have originated.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

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  2. Hell every body knows that Pelosi won’t give up her power no matter what you do or say. Pelosi needs to be put completely out of our government for the rest of her damn life. Big Tech also needs to be put in and held accountable for all they have lied about to COVID virus in this country.

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  4. I want to know how much the US gave the Chinese to fund the lab – and who authorized the transfer of funds.

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  6. Pelosi really needs to be thrown out of the office she is in now. Pelosi needs to be put completely out of our government. Pelosi lies all of the time and no one can believe her on anything she says.

  7. Just ask Fauci how much money his organization sent to the Wuhan Lab.
    While you’re at it ask how much he knew about the virus before it was released? He had visited their lab before the virus was made and released!

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