BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Learns Election Is Over – She’s Out…

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Nancy Pelosi.

Not only do less Americans support what liberals are doing than ever before, a recent study shows that Republicans are probably going to benefit more from recent redistricting than Democrats will.

For example, Joe Biden won 226 districts on the old maps, compared to Donald Trump’s 209.

The new map would bring Trump four closer to Joe Biden, with a new count of 224 – 211.

While Republicans weren’t able to win the House in 2020, they were able to put enough people in position to set up a red wave for the fall of 2022.

We know it’s coming, the only question left is how big is it going to be?

Republicans need only to gain net five seats this fall.

The way public opinion of liberals has been trending, conservatives appear ready to win back a lot more than that.

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