BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is OUT – She’s FURIOUS

With a slimmer majority expected for House Democrats in 2021, some Democrats have speculated that Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) may have a difficult time being elected speaker again.

Both moderates and those on the radical left are unhappy with Pelosi for various positions she has taken as speaker. In the vote to select a speaker in January 2019 when Democrats got the House majority, 15 Democrats didn’t support her.

With a smaller majority, that kind of lack of support could prevent her re-election as speaker.

Here’s the problem, though: no one has come forward yet to challenge her. Two colleagues tried to put Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) forward, but he has said he’s not interested.

Her 2016 challenger for Democrat leader Tim Ryan (D-OH) said he has too much “scar tissue” from leadership races to want to go through it again.

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