BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is OUT – Report Rocks DC

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is out. The report has absolutely rocked Washington, DC, and she can’t escape accountability now.

“The truth is that much of the $1.9 trillion package is intended to reward Democrat-governed states and left-wing interest groups,” and Pelosi is the “real winner, politically,” wrote Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak, calling her out.

Congress has approved nearly $2 trillion in spending, even though “the economy is already recovering, thanks to Trump’s policies and the refusal of Republican-governed states to shut down,” Pollak noted.

Yet, ironically, Pelosi and the Biden administration are hailing the passage of this bill as a major win — and it was Pelosi who held out for a new slush fund full of Democrat goodies that has nothing to do with COVID-19.

“She delayed a deal on coronavirus relief for months, then agreed to a much smaller deal in December,” said Pollak. This, of course, was after the presidential election, an intentionally political move by Pelosi.

She did not want Trump to have any victories before Americans voted — something she essentially admitted. In the end, said Pollak, “She got her money — even if Americans had to suffer for it.”

Read the full story here.

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13 Responses

  1. It is high time Pelosi was GONE! She has become a liability to America!
    Her judgement is faulty and vindictive….neither of which is an admirabe
    Beyond that, she is doing damage to the integrity of our elected people.
    Their goal should be for the betterment of our country, however she is
    only focused on her immediate goals, and cares not for the citizens or
    their repercussions.
    Time to put her out tp pasture! She has become a detrment!

    1. Yeah she needs to be put out now before she totally destroys the American people. What a corrupt politician.

    1. Yes she is! Right along with Schumer, Biden, Obama, and others! It’s time to clean up the swamp and get some people in that love America and don’t want communism! God bless America!

  2. Absolutely she is ruining this country along with Joe Biden she should be dismissed with Chuck Schumer.

  3. Pelosi is only for herself She needs to go She doesn’t care about the United States only what she can get

  4. If only there was a way to get her out of office. They have destroyed the integrity of our voting systems a little at a time and we really are not able to vote her out! They have packed this country with people that will insure that they are elected in to office whether Americans want them there or not. They have past un “Constitutional” laws that have set new precedent and they will forever be our norm because our Supreme Court did not do their job and intervene when they were called upon to do it. They are responsible for this along with the Democrat party. Trying to undo this will be an up hill battle now. So much for our freedom and our “Constitution”.

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