BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is Finished – She Won’t Be Doing It…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is finished. She will not be doing it and people are stunned, especially her colleagues in Congress.

“They were offered to the Speaker and she turned it down,” said House Minority Whip Steve Scalize (R-LA) on Fox News. According to him, Pelosi has refused to implement a testing regime for COVID-19 on Capitol Hill.

“These protocols have been out there and the testing capabilities have been out there for a long time,” said Scalise. “And I think it’s something that should have been in Congress for a few weeks now. But you know, ultimately, that’s what the Speaker decided to do.”

It is difficult to understand Pelosi’s move, but there’s little doubt her decision comes back to one thing: politics. She has no problem creating as much chaos and confusion as possible because she thinks Democrats will benefit from it.

After all, Pelosi would rather members of Congress go hide in their proverbial basements like Joe Biden instead of reporting for duty. It couldn’t be more obvious that she wants everyone to be afraid instead.

This election can’t come soon enough. Voters will re-elect President Donald Trump and retake a House majority, thereby removing Pelosi as Speaker of the House for good. Then the work will begin anew to put America first.

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