BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is DONE – Democrats Stunned

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is done and Democrats are stunned. She just abruptly ended it all without a fight — and now attention has shifted to what Pelosi will do next. This is shocking.

“The speaker has refused to sit down and negotiate unless we agree to something like a $2.5 trillion deal in advance,” said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, referring to Pelosi stalling on a second COVID-19 relief package. But that’s not all she has put to a halt.

According to Mnuchin, Pelosi has agreed to a continuing resolution (CR) that will go “through the beginning of October” in order to keep funding the government. The CR is not tied to negotiations on another economic stimulus bill.

This means it will be “clean,” said Mnuchin — something that many liberal members of Congress probably won’t like. After all, Democrats have been known to load up basic funding appropriations with left-wing wishlists. Not this time.

Pelosi giving up on a pork-riddled CR could be a sign that she is continuing to lose influence on Capitol Hill, even with her own party. Regardless of what happens in November, Democrats in the House will likely be looking for a new, less controversial leader.

Regarding another stimulus bill, the Trump administration’s position has been clear: One is needed, but we simply cannot afford what Pelosi is asking. “Let’s do a more targeted bill now and if we need to do more in 30 days we’ll continue to do more,” said Mnuchin.

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