BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Is Busted In Staff Scandal – She’s GUILTY…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was busted handing out cushy benefits to Congressional lawmakers even while pretending to care about the horrifying baby formula shortage that has gripped the nation.

Even as regular Americans scramble to feed their newborns, Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives has secured free memberships to Peloton gyms and a new liquor and drinks outlet.

Speaker Pelosi is giving members of the House loads of perks even while normal Americans suffer, and she wonders why she is constantly compared to Marie Antoinette.

Representative Drew Ferguson blasted the move to open a new liquor outlet saying, “Washington Dems couldn’t be more out of touch.” Ferguson followed up by saying, “your tax dollars can be used for purchases.”

Free peloton memberships and easy liquor access are just perfect for Nancy Pelosi and her freezer stuffed with gourmet ice cream.

Americans are struggling to feed their children and skyrocketing fuel prices aren’t helping the situation. Speaker Pelosi needs to slash congressional perks, not boost them while Americans struggle.

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