BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Impeachment Decision – Nation In Shock

Nancy Pelosi just responded to the rumors that Michael Cohen’s testimony is grounds for impeachment.  Many were certain that Cohen’s testimony was the ultimate gotcha and expected an impeachment announcement any day.

However, Pelosi made her decision clear: there will be no impeachment proceedings based on Cohen’s accusations. When reporters asked Pelosi about the possibility of impeachment, she dismissed the question by saying “I’m not going into that.”

Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen alleged that President Trump committed multiple infractions during his campaign and after entering the White Hosue.

According to the Hill, “the hearing led some Democrats to say the case for impeaching the president is now more robust.”

Pelosi admitted that she will not be considering impeachment until the Mueller report is released. She also said that she’s “I’m more concerned about his policy than his personality.”

Nancy Pelosi quashed talk of impeachment by insisting “let us see what the facts are, what the law is, and what the behavior is of the president.” She’s been reluctant to pursue impeachment as aggressively as some of her younger colleagues.

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