BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi GUILTY – Evidence Shocks Nation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s dirty secret was just revealed. Indisputable evidence has stunned the nation — she is in big trouble now.

Appearing on Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke out against Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill that is nothing more than the “swamp looking after itself.” He explained why it isn’t a relief bill at all.

First of all, Democrats are trying to rush it through because “cases have plummeted since early January” and “they’re worried they won’t have the coronavirus as an excuse to pay off all of their clients and patrons,” said Cotton.

That is what this is all about — it has little to do with COVID-19. In fact, said Cotton, “less than a dime of every dollar goes to the coronavirus.” The bill is predominately a bailout of blue states that tanked their economies.

It is also a way for Democrats to enact “paying off the teachers’ unions” under the guise of fighting COVID-19. Yes, the same unions that have fought to keep our schools closed, even when the science doesn’t support it.

But then there’s the problem of the stimulus checks themselves. Cotton said that federal employees are “going to get that same check,” referring to the promised $1,400, but they’ll be getting it “every single week if their kids aren’t in school.”

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31 Responses


    1. Nancy Pelosi should go to jail for insider trading she knew about the president and his green going green ticket that he was going to ride on she push to have them elected and then she told her husband to start buying up stocks and green anything. It’s a proven fact that there was outside information that she used for her own gain and now she’s trying to hang onto that even though Texas and the snowstorm proved that this is a very faulty road to go on we don’t need to go completely green to save a lot of money and save the environment everything she does is for her own pocket it has nothing to do with the American people so when you hear her get on and they have a speech about how bad the American people are suffering it’s crap that woman could care less about one human being. Alcoholics usually don’t they don’t have to feel they don’t have to care they have a drink or doing it all goes away very self-serving woman what is she doing In that job at all I hope it’s only long enough that she could be arrested and thrown in jail

    2. Who is more stupid them or the People who both keep them in office and you Americans who allow them to screw you over all while getting rich off the hard working taxpayers back!

  2. The states should STOP collecting federal taxes! Maybe then the people in D.C. will get the message that the TAX PAYERS are tired of THEIR money bieng wasted on dumb [email protected]@ projects!!

    1. Brilliant….”the states should STOP collecting federal taxes”. 🙂

      It would probably get a lot worse if the Feds started doing it though. 🙁

  3. Nothing is going to change because the Republican party has No Balls! President Trump tried to change things but the other no balls morons were to concerned with their own pocket filling to have the balls to stand up to the scums of the demoRats party

    1. You are exactly right!! When and how do we drain the swamp that Trump tried so desperately to achieve?!?!

  4. I agree we should not pay taxes until the corruption of the Democrats is gone hit in their pockets. How do the red states go about doing that?

  5. Pelsoi’s corruption knows no limits. She is more dangerous than all politicians combined. Do not doubt that for a second. Pelsoi’s objective is create extreme chaos at all levels and continue to force her agendas while people are distracted. She has done this over and over again. The people are seeing her clearly now. Pelosi IS most definitely running the White House. She represents an extreme level of Danger to America.

  6. Mark Twain has a lot of memorable quotes. One is “of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it”. Pelosi had not been born yet when he wrote this quote but she surely fits this quote. She redefines “nasty”. I grew up on a farm and occasionally we experienced rabid animals. They had to be “put down” before they endangered themselves and others. Pelosi is like a rabid animal and she must be removed. We cannot count on her “loonville” district to vote her out so we need the help of many other states and districts to vote her out of the majority she now enjoys.

    1. So in agreement!!!! I’m lost for words, why people continue to elect “morons” (Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, INC,); just looking at their districts & how they have been destroyed. These “morons” have done nothing for “their” districts, but they’ve certainly “filled” their own pockets. In all my long years, I have never observed such Hippocrats, Self centered, Greedy, Egotistic Fools, as I’ve observed in the present and past few years. The one person who tried to “straighten” all their mess up; they set out to destroy him, or anyone who approved of him. There is definitely something wrong with this “picture”!!!!

  7. Pelosi is a traitor to the American Republic, which no longer seems to exist because of her and all other Democrats. She should be treated like the thing that she is, along with her leeching family.

  8. The people of Calif. should get a petition going on her just like they did for Newsom & get them both out of office. This woman is either drunk, or crazy & I think both are true throw in a little dementia & here is Nancy! REALLY Calif. she needs to go, please somebody get her out of office!

  9. God sees whats going on he is the final judge and I believe that he will get things done have faith and trust in the Lord. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GO BLESS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. AMEN

  10. Not just only Nancy Pelosi, there is got to be more then just her, how about Obama? All those things has started before Obama terms has ended. There were some sort of planning were taken place to disband our great cause of freedom.
    It is time to CLEAN OUT THE SWAMP.

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