BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gives Shocking Update – She’s Done…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is trying to justify her purchase of such single stocks as Disney, Google and Salesforce amid criticism that elected officials should not do so.

“We’re a free market economy, and [lawmakers] should be able to participate in that,” she said in defense of her actions, but Washington Examiner opinion columnist David Freddoso isn’t having ant of it.

“This is nonsense. Public service is a choice. It is very reasonable to expect those who choose it to give up some freedoms,” he said, citing the “modest” salaries of congressional members compared to business salaries.

He noted that without insider knowledge, which is illegal, “it is impossible to beat the market in the long run.”

“None of us should have to wonder whether our member of Congress is doing something sneaky to make money,” he argued.

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