BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets TERRIFYING News – Halloween Bombshell…

After scheduling a vote Thursday on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) once again put it off because she didn’t have a majority in her own party willing to vote for the bill.

Pelosi was under pressure from President Joe Biden to pass the bill as he went to Europe for a G-7 meeting and a Glasgow climate summit, but Democrat infighting once again foiled their plans.

Progressives won’t agree to vote for the bipartisan bill, which has already passed the Senate, until they have firm agreement on a larger social spending bill.

Biden announced a framework for that bill on Thursday, but some Democrats had not yet committed to it at that time.

It’s very possible that the entire Democrat legislative agenda could still fail, saving American taxpayers around $3 trillion dollars.

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12 Responses

  1. Pelosi: the stupid congresswoman who thinks she is god when actually she is the wicked, lying witch of the West. I can hardly wait until elections next year when she will be gone and it will be good riddance to bad rubbish!

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  7. Piglosi needs to go year ago was way to late. Evil evil monster that what she is. One day she will have to answer to the higher power and it will be not pretty. She is the soul reason for milions to suffer.

    1. Pelosi is the Queen of Liberal Hypocrisy. It would take a nuclear blast or a miracle from God to get Pelosi out of her seat in Washington.

      Republicans have been running against her in her district and she mops the floor with them. Most of the voters in her district are freeloaders that vote for a living. They will continue to vote Democrat as long as the welfare checks and food stamps keep coming.

      There are three possible ways she will not return to Washington for the sessions in 2023. The first way is if she actually decides to retire and not run for reelection. Not much chance of that happening because her ego won’t let her do that. The second way is something I would never wish on any one. The third way, and the most likely, is if a strong Democrat runs against her and defeats her in the Primaries next year.

      Even if she wins reelection, and the Democrats keep control of the House, there is no guarantee she will keep her position as Speaker. Last time there was a lot of arm twisting and back door dealing and she almost didn’t keep it. She may not be able to pull it off this next time. She would have her seat and can still do a lot of damage. Unless the three possibilities happen, it would take a nuclear blast to get her out of her seat.

  8. Don’t be fooled by the word “framework”. It is just a way to insert whatever the dems want in the bill. A framework is nothing more than a word that means nothing.

  9. Dont be fooled by the liars of the demon party , demo rats , stink like they are
    the fools on their way to hell and damnation
    dont be taken with them
    speak up , say something, tell someone , get out and tell all you know of this lie
    the crimes against humanity

    that is what is going on , LOVE of MONEY , ROOT of Evil

    this andmistration is soooo evil and corrupt , you better read everything, and research everything

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