BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Humiliated By Viral Photo – I Can’t Unsee It

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was mocked on Twitter for posting a photo of San Francisco Giants legend Willie McCovey in a tweet that wished Willie Mays a Happy 90th Birthday last week.

The tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted, but her Twitter followers were quick to notice and point out the error.

“Madam Speaker, that’s not Willie Mays,” former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted.

“‘Cause all black people look the same,” Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said in another comment.

Another commenter called the mistake “inexcusable.” Pelosi has plenty of excuses for it, though, I’m sure.

Read the full story here.


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  3. Guess she figured that she was right cause she’s always right and of course you couldn’t tell her that she was wrong. HELL she’s speaker of the house as everyone knows that her Schumer, Harris, Biden and those in Democratic party in the higher up knows everything there is to know. IF WE DON’T START IMPEACHMENT NOW AGAINST BIDEN FOR GOING AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION ON LETTING ILLEGAL IMMAGRINATES INTO UNITED STATES WITHOUT GOING THROUGH PROPER PROCEDURES, AND HIS VICE PRESIDENT NOT DOING WHAT HE TOLD HER TO DO. AS TO GO TO THE BORDER AND CHECKING WHAT HAPPENING (LIKE SHE REALLY DONT KNOW) BY WATCHING TELEVISION NEWS (FOR A CHANGE THEY’RE GETTING THE NEWS RIGHT)!! WITH POLOSI MAKING HER OWN RULES IN BETWEEN SMOKING CRACK! It’s time for this country to take back OUR CONSTITUTION instead of these democrats doing as they want. Such as letting BLM do what they want and the white supremacist everyone fighting burning down properties that don’t belong to them. I’m sure if the property owners found out where these people uprising lives burned down their homes the people would stop burning business. We have to STOP with all the racism and get along with everyone.

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  5. America needs to amend our Constitution ASAP !
    We desperately need to LIMIT TERMS of the Senate & House. WE must rid of some of the Model T ‘s. No one should be in office for more than * years !!!

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