BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Devastating News – Trump Is Smiling

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may not be speaker of the house for long.

Kevin McCarthy has plans to take Pelosi’s job.

An extensive report on McCarthy found that his succession as speaker is closer than some realize:

McCarthy’s successes clearly won him broad support in the House GOP conference, such that every Republican voted for him for Speaker. But 213 votes is not a majority, and Republicans are still five seats away. He and everyone else interviewed for this piece say they are already feverishly working on figuring out how to recapture it in 2022, in the midterm elections.

One of Mcarthy’s greatest successes was the rate at which Republican incumbents won in the House. They were undefeated.

“First of all, put it in perspective, this is the first time since 1994 that no Republican incumbent lost,” said McCarthy during a Breitbart News interview. “We won in 2010 and that didn’t happen. No Republican incumbent lost. It was about the quality of the candidates and the message. Remember, we ended up picking up four new seats in California. We defeated four Democrats [in California], Trump lost all four districts and three of them he lost by double digits. We won in Miami. We won in New York. The quality of the candidates, the contrast—remember what we did with the Commitment to America? Rebuild, restore, and renew versus their defund, dismantle, and destroy, which they were doing. It was a very clear message. But think of the candidates we had from Young Kim to Carlos Gimenez to Ashley Hinson to Michelle Fishbach to Nicole Malliotakis in New York. We just took it to them.”

Sounds like Pelosi better start packing up her office.

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