BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Devastating News – It’s Crumbling Down Around Her…

Nancy Pelosi is desperate to maintain her tenuous grasp on power in the Democrat-controlled house. However, a stunning report seems to make that grasp even more slippery.

“Vulnerable Democrats Rep. Conor Lamb and Rep. Chrissy Houlahan are looking to exit the House of Representatives and run for the U.S. Senate, leaving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to defend her shrinking majority and giving more momentum to the Republican effort to regain the House,” according to a report from Breitbart News.

Politico reports that “Lamb has started to tell some of his donors and supporters that he will likely enter the Pennsylvania Senate race.” Lamb has told of his donors to “start contributing to the campaign as he will start to ramp up his fundraising and have a formal launch.”

“House Democrats are running for the exits because they know they’re in for a bruising election cycle which will cost them their jobs and their House majority,” said Tom Emmer, the National Republican Congressional Committee. “They’d rather move on than have to spend another election defending their socialist agenda that will strip Americans of their private health insurance, defund the police, open our borders and raise taxes.”

Pelosi is going to need more than a smoke and mirrors to maintain a house majority in 2022. America is wising up to her shenanigans.

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4 Responses

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  2. Esta señora Pelosi ya no debe de estar en el lugar que esta. El presidente solo puede gobenar por dos términos de 4 años, cuantos años ya tiene la Señora Pelosi acumulados como Speaker,creo que es mas dictadora que Raul y Fidel Casto.

  3. Translation for Edelberto:
    This Ms. Pelosi should no longer be the Speaker. The president only has
    2 terms of 4 years to govern. How many years has this lady Pelosi accumulated as Speaker , I believe that she is more of a dictator than
    Raul or Fidel Castro.

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