BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Bad News – She’s FINISHED

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is leading a charge to overturn an election in the Iowa house.

But her efforts are not winning her the applause of her party. In fact, Pelosi is getting some very bad news from those on her own side of the political aisle.

“This election result was certified by the State of Iowa, and Rep. Miller-Meeks was sworn in nearly three months’s time to move on,” said Rep. Chris Pappas. And Pappas is a Democrat.

Pelosi’s own party is put out with her that she’s forcing the issue. “Unless there is rampant error and substantial evidence thereof, I do not believe it is the role of House members to dictate the outcome of elections,” said Democrat Rep. Susan Wild.

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11 Responses

  1. That woman is nuts and the most power hungry witch ever. Hrc and ho harris aren’t far behind. She must be replaced.

  2. Pelosi needs to be removed from the speaker ship of the house of representatives and charged with Sedition and Treason against the American People and the Constitution.

    1. Well said!!!!!! She is a traitor to anyone who doesn’t go along with her. One sick, ill mannered, elderly (& I’m close to her age!), destructive person and should be removed ASAP.

      1. I double that and it shouldn’t be held off. I can’t image how her husband can even live with her as she is very disrespectful and hateful.

    2. I agree that it is time for Nancy ‘s party to put her to pasture, why they keep this crazy person as the head of their party will go down as the worst of worst in America history, Her party can do better by a hundred fold.
      just do it so the county can get united and work for the good of everyone.,
      solving the president’s Problem at the southern border will take a giant effort from all, and until Nancy is gone it will never be cleared up..

  3. She’s done her damage – well beyond her means !!! She’s done nothing for the American people except being a thorn in the side !!! What has she done for the American people and not her own agenda ??? It’s not pasture time for her – it’s jail time !!!

  4. WWOTW Polosi has been a thorn in even her own parties side. Because of all her decisions, she lost a lot of seats in Congress this year. Not that I really care; they all went to sane Republicans. She is getting so old and feeble that I am sure she didn’t even realize she was responsible for it. She will go down in history as the worst Speaker of the house along with Biden as the worst President ever.

  5. Even in her DELUSIONAL, TWISTED excuse for a brain, how does she rationalize/justify overturning a CERTIFIED election as anything more than an ILLEGAL power grab?!!!! This is PROOF that four+ years of Pres.Trump living in her HATEFUL HEAD has driven this goofy old woman completely INSANE—if she wasn’t ALREADY!!!!

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