BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Bad News – Election Shocker

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is allegedly trying to steal Iowa’s Second Congressional District, which was won by Representative Marianne Miller-Meeks (R-IA).

Miller-Meeks’s opponent, Democrat Rita Hart, petitioned the House Administration Committee to overturn the race results even after they were certified by Iowa state officials.

According to Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA), Nancy Pelosi herself has gotten involved in attempting to overturn the race’s results, effectively stealing the seat from Republicans and disregarding Iowa’s certified results. This is rich as Pelosi and the political establishment demands that President Trump respect states’ electoral votes certification.

Hinson said, “Speaker Pelosi is moving forward with her plan to overturn the will of Iowa voters, who elected Dr. Marianne Miller-Meeks to serve them here in Congress. Pelosi fully intends to overturn the voices and, most importantly, the votes of Iowans and install someone that Iowans rejected at the ballot box, and she’s doing this for her own political gain.”

This is an especially ironic situation considering that Democrats have been accusing President Trump of trying to steal the election for the last two months as he attempted to audit the process when significant irregularities were discovered.

When President Trump brings lawsuits to the court system, it’s stealing the election and undermining Democracy. When Democrats do the same thing, it is perfectly acceptable, and the media will cover for them. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party are hypocrites of the highest order.

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