BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Flips – Huge Power Grab

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has said that she wants to help small businesses, but according to nonpartisan Job Creators Network CEO Alfredo Ortiz, she only wants to get rid of the president.

Ortiz said Pelosi’s failure to pass MCUSA, an update to the NAFTA agreement, shows that she doesn’t care about her constituents.

The new agreement “massively benefits small businesses,” Ortiz said, and is the most important trade agreement in the world. Yet Pelosi has refused to take it to a vote in the House.

One major thing the bill does is cut down on the red tape involved in selling to Mexico and Canada, which makes it more likely small business owners will do so. It is predicted to lead to 176,000 new jobs in America, with most of them being in small businesses.

Ortiz warns that ignoring MCUSA sends the message that Democrats don’t care about their voters, which could be dangerous in 2020 as they try to hold onto the House, take over the Senate, and elect a president.

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