BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Finally Gets What She Deserves – GOP Drops Bombshell

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just finally got what she deserves. The GOP has dropped a bombshell and she is terrified.

“Miller-Meeks won her election,” wrote House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to Pelosi. He also noted that the Iowa congressman did “not trail in any officially reported count.”

But let’s back up for a moment. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) won a hotly-contested race for a U.S. House seat in Iowa against (Rita Hart). It was decided by a mere six votes.

However, a win is a right, right? Not according to Pelosi — she is considering overturning Miller-Meeks’ win through a House vote. This would be a hypocritical and wanton abuse of power.

“While the Constitution gives Congress the authority to determine its own members, it is unprecedented and antithetical to our democracy to unseat the duly elected and certified winner of a state election simply because you have the majority,” continued McCarthy.

Pelosi had the gall to dismiss legitimate Republican concerns about election irregularities during the 2020 presidential election, yet she is pushing to unseat Miller-Meeks — who won a free and fair election.

Read the full story here.

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28 Responses

  1. We in California do not like any of the Dems, including this witch! The Dems have just about destroyed this State with their communistic ways!

    1. Then CA residents need to join the Convention of the States. The state’s do have a voice and this is it. It’s a process going on now in other states. Please look it up and you’ll find all the information. Thanks

  2. Nancy Pelosi is one sick puppy. It’s about time people start standing up to her. She knows the only way the Democrats can win is by cheating. If it wasn’t for voter fraud Biden would not be president today. As a congresswoman she needs to take a long hard look at California. She is a disgrace to her state

  3. Yes the Democrats are wanting all states to have Democrats in offices . So they are all aligned to kill our America .

  4. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest fraud ever. I lived in California for years. We could never understand how she kept winning. I left the state to move to a state where they have real elections and no stuffing the ballot box. My wish for Californians is that a fair and honest election eventually happens there. And that Pelosi would disappear off the face of the earth. Prayers for the state and the citizens.

    1. Marie Californicate hasn’t had a legal election in 40 years! Whether state, county ot city! That has been rigged since Reagan was President! It would be a great task if they could get rid of all of them. That’s why that whole state is broke & the state is falling apart!

    2. She probably cheated like she does on everything. I know the people of California aren’t that dumb to keep electing her. She is a cheat and a liar.

  5. This is a communist party a lot of Democrats voted Trump republicans have rinos dems have communists we need conservatives that love freedoms that are promised by the constitution Patriots are in each party

  6. I also don’t understand how she gets reelected. I know now Queen of cheeting. I have seen othe comments from California and I don’t think they get why.. She is the one that needs to be knocked out her thrown.

  7. Let’s get her out on the streets where she belongs. We are damn tired of her calling the shots. Who does she think she is – an old bag who should have been gone years ago. Let’s get her out before she causes more trouble.

  8. pelosi is not only a disgrace to our country but to the catholic church as well. she is one of the worst hypocrites I have ever heard of. her day is coming when she will have to atone
    for all her corrupt behavior. this is beyond tragic what she has gotten away with.

  9. You know shooting her would be the fastest way to get her out but you know what she’s not even worth the cost of a bullet.I don’t understand Why all those people listen to her what is she, She is nothing But I liar and are cheat Makes money honest Hard working people. She’s getting her pocket Full And probably helping lots of other people get theirs too. I think that’s why she hated trump so bad He wanted to do away with a lot of stuff that was making her money. Anyway that’s my 2 cents .She needs to be out of there like 5 years ago or more.All I gotta say is she’s a wicked witch thinks about nobody but herself.

  10. Stand up Americans! Vote her OUT! She has done irreperable damage to our Country. She is vindictive and petty.
    It amazes me that intelligent citizens can’t see this, year after year, and vote for her AGAIN! MADNESS!! The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.
    Sadly, it has permeated the democratic voters. Pease, Rebublicans GO OUT AND VOTE HER OUT !!!
    On a final note….request that she pull up her bra straps!!!

  11. I have told many people about Pelosi. Why she’s still here? We need to impeachment Pelosi and most investigate her. I am sick of her crazy crap lately. I hope some of the people who voted against Trump, just realizes how much they destroy our greatest Trump. He did a fantastic job. You people need to get yourself out of the democrats and join the rest of the innocent people. We are good Americans people. Forgot about the democrats and Pelosi. Never mind about Biden/Harris

  12. I am the same way. I am totally sick of seeing her craps. Here’s my thoughts. You look at Pelosi as of now, she is still not happy. So, that’s her problem right? The more she gets her way and her own thing like she always does. Pelosi and her inner circle democrats are going to get worse. We can always step back and let them deal with their own actions and problems. Which will happen. There are a lot of American people who will eventually get sick tired of them, We are Americans peoples and we don’t have to follow the Pelosi and her inner circle democrats. They are pure devils. They know they are. We are better than Pelosi. American people and Trump, we are good people. Don’t let them fool you all. Be safe…

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