BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Finally Gets Out – GOP Cheering…

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy ripped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for blaming the soaring gas prices on oil companies.

‘Who do they blame next?’: GOP leader rips Pelosi for blaming soaring gas prices on oil companies
“Americans aren’t buying these excuses, but unfortunately they are paying for them,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy said Friday.

“Who do they blame next?” McCarthy said. “Americans aren’t buying these excuses, but unfortunately they are paying for them.”

“Pelosi said gas companies should ‘boost production’ during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine,” reports JustTheNews.

“There are 6,000 permits out there where people could drill, the industry can drill,” Pelosi said.

“They don’t need to be upending our initiatives to save the planet from the climate crisis; if they want to drill, they have places to drill. Use it or lose it. Let somebody else drill there,” Pelosi added.

As of February 2022, the Biden administration stopped issuing new domestic drilling permits.

“McCarthy told reporters that leading Democrats have been saying since the 2020 election cycle that they wanted to stop the production of oil on public lands,” reports JustTheNews.

“Joe Biden, in his campaign for president, said he would eliminate the production of crude,” McCarthy said. “You then had on the very first day when he got into office ending a pipeline. So you add transportation to that, and when inflation goes up, if you can’t move it by a pipeline, you’ve got to put it in a truck, or you’ve got to put it in a tanker if you bring it from somewhere else — that costs a lot more, you can’t get things off the port, so they raised the price themselves.”

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