BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Exposed In Treacherous Cover-Up [Developing]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being accused of covering up the “systemic breakdown of security under watch during the January 6 protests and riots.”

House Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks made the accusation of Pelosi.

Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, held the first public hearing for the January 6 select committee during primetime on Thursday night.

No one really knew about the primetime television event or watched it, because no one really cares. Nevertheless, the hearing was held.

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News host, described the hearing as a three-ring circus and noted the January 6 committee prevented Banks and Rep. Jim Jordan from sitting on the committee to prevent a rebuttal of their accusations.

“House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy tapped Banks and Jordan to serve on the committee; however, Pelosi blocked McCarthy from nominating the two,” reported Breitbart.

“Banks described the hearing as a ‘complete dud’ that was designed to ‘divert attention away from gas prices on average over $5 per gallon,’ inflation, and the other crises facing the Joe Biden administration,” according to Breitbart News.

“It’s more important to focus on what they didn’t talk about, what they didn’t focus on, and what they did talk about was the systemic breakdown of security at the Capitol on Nancy Pelosi’s watch and the cover-up of documents and questions on that she doesn’t want to be asked,” said Banks. “That is why they kicked me off the committee because we were going to ask questions about her involvement in calling off the National Guard and questions about that and documents she refuses to give up – documents to the bipartisan Senate Homeland Security Committee about the calling off the National Guard on January 6.”

To read this full story about the clown show, click here.

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