BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Devastated – GOP Stuns Congress…

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just completely devastated. The Republican Party has stunned Congress, especially Democrats.

Pelosi’s House majority was already razor-thin, but it has now shrunk even further. Julia Letlow (R-LA) has been sworn-in as a Republican member of the House following a special election.

Tragically, her husband, Luke Letlow, “passed away late last year from complications with the Chinese coronavirus” according to Breitbart News. Julia went on to win a stacked primary.

“Letlow defeated her opponents with a huge margin of 62 percent of the vote,” continued Breitbart. “This brings the total number of Republican women in Congress to 31.”

Now, Pelosi is on defense in two ways: She can barely afford any defections within her own party on major legislation and she can’t continue to claim that the GOP isn’t a place for women.

Oh, she will try, but she isn’t going to get anywhere. These 31 Republican women are pro-life, pro-Constitution, and pro-America. They are Pelosi’s worst nightmare.

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