BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi DESTROYED – Verdict Is In

Majorities of both likely voters and likely Black voters do not think voter ID laws are racist or discriminatory, according to a new Rassmussen poll.

Leftist Democrats like President Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams have called voter ID laws in states like Georgia “suppression” and even reminiscent of Jim Crow because voters of color were less likely to be able to get an ID.

But 62% of voters overall and 59% of likely Black voters said they didn’t think the laws discriminated.

After all, ID is now required to get or do all kinds of things in society today, like buy alcohol, get on an airplane, or even pick up sports or concert tickets at a will call booth.

Some who are in favor of voter ID laws have pointed out that it could be seen as patronizing to Black voters to suggest that they are unable to get ID that is widely available to everyone.

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6 Responses

  1. Too bad the extreme left never learned to read. If they could read they would be happy with the revision to Georgia’s new voting laws. Stupid idiots spreading lies, especially, Senile China Joe Biden our faux President.

  2. Most stupid thing yet and that is saying something. The Biden/Stacy group are out of their minds. Pay no attention to them. They have an ax to grind.

  3. These people are complete idiots, I will never believe the Media or Demorats,
    again till they are arrested and behind bars. Then I might believe some of the media.

  4. The Main and probably the ONLY reason that the Democrat Party does not want Voter I.D.s is that they would never WIN another Election again!

    WHY……because, like the last election, they could not steal enough votes to win!

    I’m from Chicago and I Otta Know!

  5. It’s a slap in the face to black people and look who is accusing them of being dumb ! “The Left” !!! And people the media is so full of s— ! There is no way in h— the polls they have taken away to the destruction of America !!! “Don’t believe their BS. for one moment ” !!! Every poll I see or have seen is the complete opposite !!! And just for the record any threat of disarming Americans is a Declaration of War !!! “This is Tyranny !!! We have got to band together !!!

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