BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi CAVES – Congress Stunned

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has caved on her principles and is now insisting that it is her right as Speaker to not seat members of the House if she sees fit to do so. This is in direct contradiction to past statements from Pelosi on the matter.

Pelosi and the Democrats in the House are trying to steal a seat in Iowa after state officials already certified the election in favor of Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

Pelosi told reporters that, “If I wanted to be unfair, I wouldn’t have seated the Republican from Iowa because that was my right on the opening day. I would have just said, you’re not seated, and that would have been my right as Speaker to do.”

This contrasts badly to a statement from 2017 where Pelosi said, “In our House, when someone gets elected, we seat them. We enfranchise their voters. Republican or Democratic. We don’t say we have to wait for the paperwork. We hear the will of the people.”

Pelosi and the Democrats in the House have no principles, and Americans need to understand the gravity of what is happening. They are going to any length to steal a House seat that a Republican won.

Democrats spent months castigating former President Trump for questioning the outcome of the 2020 election, yet here they are actively overturning the will of voters. This unreal situation has made it clear that serious changes need to be made in Washington D.C.

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19 Responses

  1. Nancy is the worst hated person in the Senate. She is a drunk. She needs to be impeached with her buddy Chuck The hoe and Biden. ASAP. We the people want them out NOW!

    1. She is a dictator-in full force. She thinks she is the president and can do whatever she wants. She is wrong this time. American will stand up against this time, even some of her Democratic friends. You can push only so far before you cross the line. She has crossed it!!!!

  2. Is this even LEGAL?!!! Somebody PLEASE reign in this power hungry old hag and give her some much needed comeuppance!!!!!!


  4. She is doing what they did to Trump, stole the election, God help us in more ways than one. She needs to go and so does Biden and Harris! We need something done asap or this country is going to hell!

  5. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ well hold her accountable our heavenly father will get what she deserves he is in control he will make it right right now we know what our president is Donald J Trump and God has anointed him

  6. Does that mean that the Americans can go back and undo the president entail elections now that the truth of fraud is coming out ,should be on the same level.

  7. what we need is AN UPRISING of the american people demanding the election be thrown out and another vote taken.No ballot should be accepted by mail Unless you are in the military.Voting in person only,cant make it on election day(s) you dont vote.Voting poll monitored by military no citizens.We should have verified ID system of voters.Photo ID required,fingerprint taken,saved for next election .Ballots produced at one plant only.New vote talley machine produced .Only military to handle ballots during all phases of voting.Ballots made of paper that cant be copied or duplicated.

  8. Piglosi is a tyrant! She “ thinks” she can do as she damned well pleases and no one can stop her. She has overstepped her bounds. Abused her office, is derelict in her duties, used her office for self enrichment( insider trading) obstructed and gone against our constitution, falsely impeached our President, created the capitol insurrection, uses the national guard as her personal body guards, and many more illegal things! These are impeachable offenses! But—- since she controls the congress, NO articles of impeachment can be brought to the floor, she will not allow it. The congress and senate have to “ vacate the chair”, remove her from the speakership and remove her from congress totally! Then Biden and Harris can be impeached. We need a good conservative to take over the speakership, one that will work FOR the people, not against us.

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