BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Caught On A Hot Mic – This Is Sickening

Nancy Pelosi was just caught on a hot mic by reporters defending Joe Biden against recently surfaced claims of harassment. Pelosi indicated to reporters that she doesn’t think Biden did anything wrong.

Former Vice-president Joe Biden is expected to officially announce his candidacy within the next few weeks. Early polls place Biden at the front of the large pack of candidates.

Multiple women have come forward over the last week accusing Biden of inappropriate conduct. The cascade was set off by former Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, who alleged that Biden smelled her hair and kissed her without her consent.

After Flores’ revelation, more women began coming forward with stories of Biden’s tendency to get handsy. A former congressional aide named Amy Lappo said that Biden touched her inappropriately in 2009 at a campaign event.

As a major Democrat leader, many looked to Nancy Pelosi to issue a statement on Biden’s behavior. Reporters asked Pelosi if she believes that the accusations should end Biden’s bid for the Presidency.

Pelosi replied under no uncertain terms that “I don’t think that this disqualifies him from being president.” Pelosi’s shocking admission highlights the fact that Democrats are only willing to “believe all women” when it’s convenient.

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