BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi CAUGHT – Evidence Is Shocking

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was just caught red-handed. The evidence is shocking and she can’t escape it now — people are furious.

“NEW – 3 members who are still in Covid quarantine will be allowed to cast a today, per a statement from Brian Monohan,” said reporter John Bresnahan on the pending House vote to elect a Speaker.

Pelosi’s hypocritical, self-serving decision to violate her own rules just to get re-elected was met with a swift response. Independent journalist Michael Tracey said it best with his sarcastic tweet.

“Who knew that the most ‘essential activity’ of all was ensuring that Nancy Pelosi retains the House of Representatives as her personal fiefdom for a fourth term,” said Tracey.

This is typical behavior from Pelosi and part of a pattern established months ago. She is willing to virtue-signal about masks and social distancing, yet she cannot seem to stick to her own script.

Shortly before the November election, for example, Pelosi set up a hair appointment in San Francisco with a salon that was closed and she didn’t even wear a mask. It was all caught on camera, much to Pelosi’s dismay.

Read the full story here.

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