BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Busted In Huge Lie – Evidence Shocks Nation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just landed in hot water. Her biggest scandal is finally coming into the light.

Democrat Pelosi has maintained that increased security is necessary around Washington DC because an increased threat.

But evidence suggest something else entirely.

“There’s absolutely no reason for that fencing to be up anymore,” said Rep. Mike Rogers, the ranking Republican member of the House Armed Services Committee. “There never was any reason. That riot that happened on [January 6] was just poor planning on the part of the Capitol police and the Metropolitan police. We have much bigger protests in Washington on a regular basis every year than that. They just did a terrible job of planning for it. And even though they had intel — they had good intel about it. That was the reason it turned out like it did.”

But Rogers didn’t stop there. He went on to explain what Pelosi is really rip to.

“There was never a reason to bring in all the fencing and the razor wire and the large presence of National Guardsmen,” said Rogers. “That’s all theater that Nancy Pelosi is trying to create the impression that Republicans are dangerous and Trump was the cause of all of this. It’s silly.”

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15 Responses

  1. Like me, do not believe anything coming out of the MOUTHS of the FASCST leaders in GOVERNMENT and the PRESS. They ALL MAJORED in LYING in COLLEDGE, So they NO LONGER KNOW or UNDERSTAND how to say the THUTH. Check lying JOE, he no longer can separate the TRUTH from LIES. How many promises did he make and KEEP. How about solving problems with words. The famous solving the problem of ILEGAL ALIENS by calling them UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS, PROBLEM SOLVED. NO longer any ILLEGAL ALIENS. THANKS for that one OBAMA.

  2. I believe the American People Should retaliate against the DemoRat and Rhino congress and pull everyone of them out of the Capital Bldg and make them answer for all they’re BS

  3. In their sub-conscious mind, many American voters equated the COVID-19 pandemic to Trump which is silly. With many votes coming from the corrupt voting system, we now have Joe Biden as our President who is near senile. This is whole event is simply unbelievable!
    We have these huge problems with China, North Korea, our money-printing (trillions and trillions of dollars), our southern border influx of a flood of illegal aliens, and the crumbling infra-structure of the United States.
    How will this all end?

  4. Don’t blame me… I voted for Trump. All the lunatics that voted for Biden are getting just what they voted for. Good enough for them. The problem is that we all have to suffer for their lunacy.

  5. 133 million Number of registered voters .
    75 million Number of registered voters who voted for Trump.
    59 million Number of remaining votes.
    81 million Number of votes Biden got between midnight and 8 AM on
    the closing day of the election.

    It was impossible for Biden to get 81 votes from registered voters since only 59 million were left after Trump’s 75 million were recorded.

    In the early morning hours of November 4, when most Americans had gone to bed, thinking Trump had been reelected, the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia all experienced a dramatic “bump” in the number of votes for Biden. In an amazing coincidence, these states all had called a halt to the counting, but then in the middle of the night, vote counting began again.

    According to The American Spectator, a batch of ballots in Pennsylvania recorded around 570,000 votes for Biden, but only 3,200 for Trump, which is not believable. The American Spectator cited Colonel Phil Waldron, a former combat officer with a background in electronic warfare and election-data fraud to offer an explanation.

  6. We the people of the United States need to push the Republicans to start impeachment hearings on all demorats. Sooner the better. Come 2022 there should be a ton of people leave congress from both sides of the aisle. However, the same voters will vote as they always have, To keep the same old people in congress.
    I am so sad for the younger people who have no idea who and what they are getting into. I am glad that my days are numbered and will not see this country go to the devil.

    1. I agree, Dewey! Republicans need to get the facts of voter fraud…do the math like Avatar 666 & proceed to impeach he whole lot of them!

  7. Avatar 666 please send this info to all the Republicans that will help Trump & put down the Democrats & also send to the Supreme Court Justices! Thanks for getting all that info!!

  8. I agree with the Republicans who are honest and work hard to serve the American voters. It is a crime to cheat voters out of their “Right” to vote for their candidate which is what happened 3 Nov 2020. Never trust a Democrat is my motto. My father explained to me about the Democrats decades ago when I entered high school. P.S. … my father was one of the few who did not like FDR, LBJ, among other Dems. Never back down from the Dems as they are incapable of working for “We the people of the USA.”

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