BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Being Pushed Out – She’s Done…

A new Rassmussen poll showed Republicans with a six point lead in the generic congressional ballot, up from a three point lead in November. 44% of Americans said they would vote for a Republican on the generic ballot if the election were held today, while 38% said they would vote for a Democrat.

In October, the generic ballot was just about even, and before October, Democrats seemed to have the advantage.

The poll was similar to Gallup’s findings, which showed a four point lead for Republicans in the generic ballot.

Rassmussen attributed the swing toward Republicans as stemming from unpopular Democrat economic policies like the Build Back Better Act, as well as a perception by the people that Democrats care more about aspects of their agenda such as climate change than they do about the people who are being hurt by a push toward higher energy prices and general inflation.

He said there are “many causes,” and added that Democrats are seen as a bigger threat to democracy than Republicans.

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