BREAKING: Mysterious Biden Votes Appear From Nowhere – Trump FURIOUS

Mysterious Biden votes just appeared out of nowhere and President Donald Trump is absolutely furious. Trump supporters need to sound the alarm — Democrats can’t be allowed to get away with this deceit.

“Michigan officials are investigating voting irregularities in a deep red county that could improve the numbers for President Trump and Republican Senate candidate John James,” reported Breitbart News.

Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy asked, “How could Democrats take over this county?” She has every reason to be suspicious. Back in 2016, Trump defeated Hillary Clinton 62-percent to 33-percent, which came to “a gap of about 4,000 votes.”

Given how tight the race is in Michigan, this is nothing to scoff at and it is one of the many reasons why neither Trump nor James has conceded. It is crucial that officials get to the bottom of this immediately.

Apparently, according to Guy, “electronic tapes and a computer card reflected accurate voting results, but some of the results were somehow scrambled after the cards were transported in sealed bags from local precincts to county offices.”

As the time of this article, the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in Michigan and other battleground states to ensure the integrity of the vote. Please pray that any and all irregularities are corrected and any possible fraud is exposed.

Read the full story here.

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